The Top 10 Worst Holiday Souvenirs Of All Time


As the holiday season is nearly over for another year, we thought it would be fun to put together our list of possibly the top 10 worst holiday souvenirs of all time, from all over the world. From the bizarre to the down right weird – this is for all those times when ‘you really shouldn’t have’ could not have been more true!!

10. Canned Radiation – Pennsylvania USA

Souvnir Gift Radiation

Okay, so this one is not still available – but back in 1980 this was the most popular souvenir from Three Mile Island. Produced by Brenster Enterprises of Etters Pennsylvania, it came with 6 really useful/weird suggestions  which included:

1. Remove label and tell your enemy its laughing gas.

2. Energy free night light (illuminates in darkness).

3. Mix with cold cream for that radiant beauty.

4. Instant male sterilization (sniff twice daily).

5. Use as a room air freshener.

6. Toothpaste recipe: mix 3 to 1 ratio with baking soda, for ever glowing smile

9. Parliament Duck – London

Big Ben Duck Souvenir Gift

Because who doesnt want to take home a replica of Big Ben shaped like a duck with an unusually square head? If you missed it when you were there -the good news is, this is available online from the Houses of Parliament shop!

8. Dead Cane Toad Purse – Australia

Dead Cane Toad Purse Gift

Looking for the perfect purse to finish off your outfit? Well look no further than this item from Australia –  a genuine dead cane toad – made into a purse. We are not sure if it started out looking that cross – or just when they added the zip….

7. President Dolls, Kiev Ukraine

President Dolls Gift

If you didnt get to go to Kiev this year, then you may have missed out on this set of really freaky looking dolls – all depicting a really badly drawn image of a different President of America. We have no idea why.

6. Kangaroo Scrotum Bottle Opener – Australia

Kangaroo Scrotum Bottle Opener Gift

If you thought the Dead Cane Toad purse was going to get you noticed at parties – imagine if someone brought you back one of these little beauties!  A ‘Genuine Australian Souvenir’ Kangaroo Scrotum Bottle  Opener. There really are no words.

5. Pope on a Rope  – Rome, Italy

Just when you thought it couldnt get any weirder  – how about this ‘Pope on a Rope’ from Rome, Italy. That really is one strange way to wash away your sins!

4. Dead Skunk Tea Bag Holder – Texas, USA

Dead Skunk Tea Bag Holder Souvenir Gift

Back to more dead things – though this time someone has thoughtfully just recreated a dead skunk into the very useful shape of a Tea Bag Holder………Get yours now.

Other dead creatures are available.

3. Swedish Chocolate – Sweden

Chocolate Sweden Gift

So everyone knows that Belgium is famous for it’s luxurious chocolate – – however it doesn’t look like it’s European friends Sweden got the memo. Get your own here

2. Niagara Falls Bottled Water – Canada

Niagara Water Souvenir Gift

Souvenir Water that has survived the plunge over Niagara Falls ! Not sure why some of it is green.

1. Golden Poo – Japan

Golden Poo Souvenir Gift

And number 1 in our list -very fittingly goes to this Golden Poo -which comes from Japan.

In Japanese, the word ‘poo’ and ‘luck’ are very similar (‘unko’ and ‘un’ respectively) – so someone saw the funny side and also coined some Yen in the process.

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