Halloween Decorations for your Home


Halloween Decorations for your home

Halloween Decorations at Home

Halloween was once considered an occasion celebrated by only Americans or young children but in recent years this tradition has become an important annual date in the UK calendar for people of all ages.

With the temperature beginning to drop and the ever-changing colour of the trees, Autumn is a truly inspiring time in which to indulge interior design flare.  As we spend so much time in our homes over Autumn and Winter it is important to create inviting and visually stimulating spaces so what better occasion but Halloween?  Whether you are hosting a themed party or simply accessorising for yourself, when done correctly the results can be stunning.

Your Front Door 

Set the spooky mood for the rest of your home by making sure your front door has maximum impact.  Cover your entrance with crafted spiders, cobwebs and a selection of pumpkins.  Use a plain polystyrene wreath to position decorative creepy crawlies and hang this on your door.  Use old bedsheets to make draping fabric which when torn off into long pieces could be strewn across nearby trees, windows and doorways.

Dining Room

Get creative by banishing your every day table cloth and replacing it with a black or red option and covering in fake cobwebs.  Add a table centrepiece by spray painting different sized pumpkins and complimenting this by painting a selection of leaves which can be scattered also over the table.


Windows and ledges make perfect surfaces on which to put fake cobwebs and fake blood covered pieces of cloth.


Don’t underestimate the impact that atmospheric lighting can bring to your home on dark nights.  Use of appropriate light for Halloween decoration is paramount in creating the ultimate ‘spooky’ feel.  Use decorative lighting in pumpkins or around your front door as exterior options.  From an interior point of view use a fire surround as a surface on which to artistically place pumpkin and tea lights.  Add the odd cobweb, plastic spider and your Halloween setting done!