Decorating your Dining Table for Christmas


decorating your dining table for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner – so here is our guide to decorating your dining table for Christmas- ready for the whole family to enjoy their Christmas dinner.

The first step to decorating your dining table for Christmas is to choose a decorative tablecloth to set the tone.  If you do not have a tablecloth with Christmas patterns, you can always choose three options; either use a white one that is elegant and give colour to the table through accessorises, or use one red and one green tablecloth and layer the two over the table thereby combining traditional festive colours of the season.  Remember to iron the tablecloth to maximise the overall finish.

Select the crockery that you keep for special occasions such as this.  If you don’t have anything more special it, really is worth investing in a set.  The cutlery should be placed in order, the furthest from the plate are used first – forks to the left of the plate, knives and spoons to the right except when the fork is placed to be used for a starter.  If this is the case, the fork is placed on the right.  In the case of dessert cutlery, these are placed perpendicular to the plate.  The knife blades always face inward towards the dish.

The table centrepiece is so important in Christmas dining table decoration.  It should not exceed 30cm in height so as not to interfere with visibility for diners.  If the table is too long consider putting two centrepieces on it, but remember that if it comes to candles avoid scented ones which will impair that amazing Christmas dinner aroma!  Use foraged fauna to create a rustic centrepiece and compliment this with accessories such as Home Heaven’s ‘Metallics Bauble Tree‘ and a collection of our ‘Glass taper candle holders‘.   See our full Christmas range for more decorations

Christmas Glass Candle Holders

If you have a smaller table in the living area, or you have a good space for one, why not create a separate area for desserts – a small table decorated on which to put all the desserts of the night.  For this space you can involve younger members of the family and leave the decoration up to them thereby enabling them to participate in the preparation for festivities.  Involve children further by getting them to make DIY Christmas table place cards for your guests.

With your choice of colour for your dining table decorations try to compliment the overall decor of the house.  If you have modern decor for example then tie in golds, silver and simplistic whites.  If you are more traditional refer to reds, greens and golds.  To be more adventurous venture towards blues and greys which are anticipated to be popular this season.

Christmas Dining Table Decorations

If you are hosting Christmas this year, do not leave the table decoration until the last minute!  Plan it early and give thought to what you need to do and buy.  Whilst it is normal to want everything to be perfect, it is important to involve the whole family in your decoration, especially smaller members of the family who will enjoy the excitement and build up to the big day!