How to decorate the Christmas Tree and make it look amazing


How to decorate the Christmas Tree

So, it’s nearly time to haul your Christmas tree decorations down from the loft and get trimming.  But, if you’re always left feeling disappointed with your efforts, here are a few tips and questions answered.

What’s the secret to a decorating a stunning Christmas tree?

It’s basically all about the shape.  Whether real or artificial if you start with a beautifully proportioned full tree then its going to look amazing when you’ve finished decorating.   Make sure there is plenty of coverage – if your tree is sparse then you’re going to have to work twice as hard to decorate it.  You need even, dense branches rather than gaps.

How do you pick the perfect tree?

Always check the tree before the netting is put on and check from top to bottom and that the pine is fresh and non-drop.  Avoid the needles shedding by keeping the tree as cool as possible and splitting the trunk before placing it in a planter before then watering regularly.  Try to buy your tree one week before Christmas as it will dry out and shed.

Real or artificial? 

There is nothing quite like the smell of a real tree to get the Christmas spirit started.  However, if you aren’t keen on the maintenance of this then perhaps look down the high end artificial route for ease of use.  I would recommend using foraged pine branches, holly and ivy sprigs as accompanying decor around mantelpieces and picture frames to accentuate the overall look (and smell).

What order should everything be put on?

Ensure your tree is stable and in the correct position.

Leave in situ for a day or so to allow you to play around with positioning and to let the fresh branches fall more naturally or an artificial tree time to air.

Test your lights before arranging them on the tree, then switch them on to make sure they are evening distributed.  Do what I would call the ‘squint test’ to check the tree is lit evenly from top to base.  Decorate deep inside the tree, not just on the branch ends.

Add tinsel or beaded string working from the base working your way to the top.

Once complete, start added block coloured baubles evenly.   Then place more delicate baubles/ornaments randomly to add visual interest.  Take a look at our range of hanging Christmas decorations for inspiration.  REMEMBER, LESS IS MORE SOMETIMES!

What do most people get wrong about tree decoration? 

Not having a theme in mind which can result in using colours that do not compliment each other or uneven layering of ornaments.  If you stick to one colour scheme your tree will have much more impact and look more professional.

What simple thing can people change about their tree to improve its appearance? 

Make the decor bespoke or re-use one of last year’s colours and pick a new one to add to it this year.  Last year’s red and gold can become white and gold this year. Don’t be restricted to using just bows and baubles, also use fabric and fern.

Happy decorating!