The Best Gifts for New Mums


As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made the annoucement that they are expecting their 3rd child, we thought it would be the perfect time to have a look at the best gifts for new mums. Following some extensive research, we have compiled our list that can make the perfect New Mums Survivial Gift Set ( and none of them are baby related at all!):

1.Bump to Birthday Journal

Gifts for New Mums - Journal

Bump to Birthday Journal – For any new mum, from the time she discovers she is pregnant, there is so much to do and so much to take in. A journal that takes her through every trimester, through to the baby’s first birthday will be not only be a practical and helpful aid, but will turn into a treasure of memories she can keep forever.

2. Pyjama’s

Gifts for new mums - comfy pyjamas

After months of wearing hideous maternity nighties, a pair of lovely pyjama’s can be just what the doctor ordered. New mum’s can expect to be in PJ’s for long periods of time, so definitely go for comfort over style! We love this set from John Lewis – practical yet not embarrasing to wear in front of unexpected visitors.

3. Local Take Away Voucher

Gifts for new mums - takeaway voucher

Local Take Away Voucher – Unpredictable Sleep Patterns, Chaotic days, who knows when the chance will come to prepare a meal – so a voucher for her favourite Takeaway shop will be a welcome addition.

4. DVD Box Sets

Being awake for long hours doing night feeds and a really good DVD Box sets go hand in hand.

5. Champagne/Prosecco

Having gone 9 months with no alcohol, most new mums will really appreciate a cold glass of something fizzy! Plus it is very well deserved.

6. Cake or Chocolate

Gifts for new mums - chocolates

Tired new mums will appreciate a lovely cake or some chocolates just for them – and the energy boost will keep them going!

7. Hand Cream

A new mum spends a phenomenal amount of time washing her hands – and frequent hand washing leads to dry hands! A  lovely tube of her favourite handcream will be very much appreciated. We love this range of Merci Hand Cream from Birch Box.

8.Aromatherapy Candles

Gifts for new mums - aromatherpy candles

New mums need all the pampering they can get – and what better way that some relaxing aromatherapy candles to help her unwind, and take stock of the big changes that have happened in her life.

9. Clothes Voucher

It’s fair to say that after having a baby, a new mum’s body shape will change completely.  She will no longer want to wear baggy maternity clothes – but probably doent have anything else that will fit her shape – or much spare cash to go out a buy anything new with. A Clothes voucher will be very much appreciated.


Soaps & Smellies -Gifts for New Mums

She might not have time for an indulgent bubble bath to start with, but after the first few months are out of the way, she will definitely appreciate some really lovely Soap & Smellies picked just for her.